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  • Raw Material: Testosterone Cypionate
  • Manufacturer:XT LABS
  • Package: 10 ml vial (300 mg/ml)

R***** A*********

August 29, 2023

Very good customer service and arrived on time.

A***** C*****

July 1, 2023

Quality test and fast shipping. You’re not getting any better than this!

A***** W*****

June 19, 2023

Great product! Fast shipping. Received the product within 2weeks.

J*** S******

June 6, 2023

Ordered the Testoplex C-300 about 9-10 days ago and just received the package. I also ordered the Sustaplex a week prior to that separately and it came first. Shipping was quick and the items were discreetly packaged. I have have already used the Sustaplex for the past 6-7 days and it has been great, no PIP and I am hoping the same for this. XT labs seem to have pretty decent reviews online especially from this site, so I’m excited to see the results.

J** B

May 27, 2023

Great service, amazing products. This is the most reliable source out there!

J***** S****

May 2, 2023

Best by far!!! Fast reliable and consistent

S**** S****

April 8, 2023

I thought that I had thrown this bottle out, or I would have added a review sooner.I got the worst post injection pain that I have ever had in my life after pinning this. Im not sure if it was a solvent or the carrier oil, but it was legitimately debilitating. It spread through the entire muscle, and lasted for up to a week.On a positive note, the product seemed to work and seemed to be dosed correctly. Unfortunately, Im not sure that I could ever risk using one of XT Labs products again for concern of that intense of PIP.

B******* W******

February 9, 2023

Order received and results were great. Definitely

D***** E****

February 2, 2023

As always this product is awesome! Fast shipping and great pricing!

C**** E****

January 18, 2023

This has been my go to for the past year, 240 mg a week for TRT

J*** K***

December 30, 2022

From the time I ordered to when I received my products it was a quick process. I thought it would be harder, since this was my first time ordering from Roodbazaar. I’m ready to start seeing results. Thanks guys!

R***** S****

December 9, 2022

Great product. Never an issue and the results are awesome.

W*** B***

October 5, 2022

Another quick and easy purchase and received it just in time for my next cycle.

D**** O******

September 19, 2022

TOUCHDOWN Roidbazzar is awesome I paid by bitcoin last Tuesday and received my order on the following Monday crazy fast shipping thanks alot touchdown

J**** G******

August 11, 2022

Great product. Great lab. Will by again and recommend to all.

R**** J******

August 5, 2022

Works great 2nd order so far, the results are obvious. Energy, gains, lean muscle building, fat loss etc

G*** W****

July 6, 2022

I rotate between this and Test 350. Pure, pharma grade and no PIP

T***** H******

June 30, 2022

Good stuff. Little more on the aggressive side with moods but too be expected. Buy some estrogen blockers cause you’ll need them.

D**** E****

May 15, 2022

Got a love the 5 x 1 extra deal! Had good luck last time with this brand. One of the best from the best, ROIDBAZZAR!

M****** G********

April 26, 2022

I put in for this order it took less than 3 or 4 days once shipped . I think it took 3 days to ship total. . This was in states in house shipping . I have received all my shipments on time except 1. And the one. That got seized was replaced in the US. They stood behind it and made it right. Thank you roidbazzaar you guys kick ass again

J*** P******

March 18, 2022

Shipping took a little longer, but it passed all the tests!

S**** H****

February 25, 2022

Good product. Ive used it for almost 2 years. Lots of gains

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