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Raw Material: Exemestane
Manufacturer: ODIN PHARMA
Package: 30 Tabs x 25 Mg
Availability: In stock
  • $119.00

Aromasin 25 - 30 TABS (25 MG/TAB)

Raw Material: Exemastane
Manufacturer: Xeno Labs US
Package: 30 tabs (25 mg/tab)
Availability: In stock
  • $140.00
  • $115.00
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Raw Material: Exemestane
Manufacturer: XT LABS
Package: 30 TABS (25 MG/TAB)
Availability: Out of stock
  • $66.00
  • $47.00
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Aromex (Aromasin) - 30 TABS X 25MG

Raw Material: Exemestane
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Package: 30 tabs x 25mg
Availability: Out of stock
  • $99.00
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EXOS - 50 TABS (25 MG/TAB)

Raw Material: Exemestane
Manufacturer: Pharmacom US
Package: 50 tabs (25 mg/tab)
Availability: Out of stock
  • $92.00
  • $78.00

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The Side Effects of Exemestane Bodybuilding Supplements

Exemestane is a prescription medication given to women to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bodybuilding after menopause. Estrogen, a female hormone, is thought to increase the risk of osteoporosis, especially for women between the ages of forty and sixty-four. The other hormone, progesterone, is thought to have similar effects in older women. Exemestane (trade name Enflamed) contains an estrogen like component that prevents the conversion of estrogen to its target hormone, testosterone. Exemestane (E Mist) Bodybuilding Supplements is also known by the trade names Estrox, Erythrost, Femrox, Enlast, Etoxazole, Levalbuterol, methylcobalamin, methylnortioxypen, Phentermine, Promestra, etc.

Some of the common components in Exemestane bodybuilding supplements are alpha-hydroxy acid, amino acids, herbal extracts, bovine insulin-like growth factor, vitamin A, caffeine, guaranine, glutamine, lecithin, molybdenum, phosphorus, taurine, vanadyl, and xenoestrogens. As the above mentioned components work on the estrogen mechanism, it is possible that the excessive and prolonged use of these chemicals may cause side effects such as increase in breast tissue size and uterine growth. If these side effects are persistently experienced, then Exemestane is prescribed as a replacement therapy. This replacement therapy usually lasts for three months.

An aromatase inhibitor (also referred to as an Aromatic Anti-Aromatic Drug or ARA) is another synthetic exemestane that is commonly used as a muscle building supplement. As this ingredient prevents the entrance of vaginal estrogen into the bloodstream, it is believed to reduce the level of testosterone in a woman's body and prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen (which is known as aromatase). An aromatase inhibitor can be found in a number of different forms including cream, suppositories, tablets and oral pills. Although there is no direct evidence to support the efficacy of aromatase inhibitors in terms of breast enlargement or muscle gain, it is important to emphasize that they are not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

There are a number of precautions that must be taken in order to avoid the risks associated with these types of products. Exemestane cream should only be used by bodybuilders who are seriously committed to their training regimen and use good judgment in determining the correct dosage for their individual use. As excess estrogen can enter the bloodstream, it is important to realize that women weighing less than forty pounds (depending on weight and height) who do not use body building supplements should not take an aromatase inhibitor. The correct dosage of this product should only be prescribed by a licensed health care provider.

Similarly, bodybuilders who exhibit estrogen related side effects should also use caution when working out. Excessive levels of estrogen have been demonstrated to shorten the life span of female bodybuilders. Women who are using exemestane in high doses may also experience vaginal dryness or infection. Therefore, before beginning a regimen of estrogen treatment it is strongly recommended that women consult with their physician to determine the correct dosage to administer.

In terms of side effects, women should be aware that estrogen levels peak during menstruation. Excessive estrogen levels may also lead to thinning of the breast, changes in skin texture, and a general feeling of being under the weather. Menopause is another possible symptom for women whose bodybuilding regimen leads to the occurrence of estrogen levels peak during puberty. In extreme cases, women may experience severe menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. These side effects can usually be avoided by drinking plenty of water and staying away from spicy food and caffeine containing foods.

Bodybuilding Supplements and Exemestane

Exemestane is an anabolic steroid that is used by bodybuilders to help them achieve a more dramatic result in their body building program. The compound works by blocking the action of anandamides which is a group of chemical compounds that are known to inhibit estrogen. If you were to compare the effects of Exemestane with those of an estrogen mimicking hormone you would find that Exemestane has about forty times the amount of an estrogen like compound as does estrogen.

As with any medication there are potential side effects associated with exemestane bodybuilding supplements. In most cases these side effects develop only when the user exceeds the recommended dosage. Exemestane also has the ability to produce gynecomastia or man boobs. The exact cause of gynecomastia has not been established but a common factor is an excess of estrogen. Gynecomastia is known to be associated with a number of different androgenic factors. So, if you are taking an exemestane based product and begin experiencing gynecomastia it is likely that you are using an anabolic steroid with estrogen mimetic properties.

Another side effect that has been noted with Exemestane is liver toxicity. The reason for this is that the ingredient is also a substrate for an aromatase inhibitor. When aromatase inhibitors build up in the liver can begin to function as a filter for these synthetic hormones. If high levels of aromatase inhibitor build up in the liver you may begin to experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, jaundice, nausea and vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. If you suffer from one of these symptoms you should consult your doctor immediately for further evaluation.

An increase growth hormone level in the body has been found to be responsible for the increased development of cells in the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the regulation of human growth and metabolism. Because of this finding many bodybuilders and other athletes who compete at professional levels have begun to use an exemestane derivative as a way of treating breast cancer. An example of an exemestane-based cream that has been used in the past to treat breast cancer is Latisse. Recently, it was discovered that the same agent, Latisse, which is used to treat menopausal women with hot flashes and mood swings also has the ability to help bodybuilders increase muscle mass. This discovery came about when Jafar Behn received a shipment of samples of Latisse from the company that makes it and began to test the effects on bodybuilding athletes.

Behn's research showed that the anabolic steroids that increase testosterone also have the ability to reverse the aromatase process which allows the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. Therefore, if the body does not have estrogen to balance out the testosterone the aromatase process will cease to function properly, which will lead to feminine symptoms such as breast pain and fatigue. Because the female hormone is aromatase, the female body will be more sensitive to exogenous (self made) anabolic steroids than one who uses endogenous (food derived) anabolic steroids.

Exemestane Benefits For Male Bodybuilding

Exemestane is an over the counter male enhancement medication. It has been used for years as a treatment for enlarged prostate and other male reproductive disorders. Exemestane benefits bodybuilding mostly for those men that want to gain muscle mass. It is known to be a partial opiate with significant effects on the blood pressure, heart rate and contractions of the muscles. Exemestane is also known to have some diuretic effects that are beneficial in keeping the body hydrated.

Exemestane benefits men who wish to increase their size but are not interested in acquiring potentially serious side effects. However, men should be careful as Exemestane may cause constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, headache, dry mouth and lightheadedness. If you notice these symptoms after using Exemestane, discontinue use. Seek emergency medical attention immediately.

The benefits for men's bodybuilding do not end there. Exemestane can improve bone density and increase muscle mass. This makes Exemestane an effective supplement for men who are training for a bodybuilding career. It can increase lean muscle mass, improve exercise tolerance, and prevent loss of water weight especially during prolonged workouts. Some men take Exemestane for periods of six months or more.

Some men also take this drug for a very short time. They may do it for a special event in their life like a wedding or other celebration. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid taking Exemestane. Exemestane may cause serious side effects and should never be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Exemestane may also be a problem for persons taking certain medications, such as estrogen, birth control pills, and testosterone derivative drugs.

In addition to the benefits to male bodybuilding, Exemestane has other health benefits. The short term use of this drug has shown to decrease the size of tumors in the testes. It may even slow the growth of a tumor in the prostate. The short term effects of using Exemestane have shown no negative side effects in healthy adults. However, pregnant or nursing women should avoid taking Exemestane.

If you are a male bodybuilder and are considering using this supplement, I recommend that you discuss this with your personal physician. He will be able to advise you on the proper dosage for your age and physical condition. Please consult with him before beginning any new supplement program. This article is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or recommendations for treatment or medication. Consult your doctor for your personal medical concerns.